How to order?

The Bibliography, the first three volumes, has been published on CD-ROM only. With Volume 4 (1666-2008) the edition has switched to an online-version. To order the Bibliography please, give me a mail with your name and address for delivery. LibraryService will send you back immediately an invoice. Than transfer the payment on the condition net cash to the account you withdraw from invoice. The payment has to be effected by remittance. A cheque for payment is welcome, too. If you like to pay per cheque, please, include the additional service fee of 25 EURO and send it to:

Bibliotheks-Dienstleistungen (LibraryServices)
Inhaberin: Diplom-Bibliothekarin Dagmar Kähler
(Possessor): (Librarian Mrs. Dagmar Kaehler) Postal address:
Rehstrasse 21
65933 Frankfurt am Main
Deutschland / Germany

The delivery will be effected after credit entry to the invoice-address.

Caution: Only with the credit entry your order is completed. After credit entry the order isn't repayable.


Volume 1 (1666-2005): 30 EURO
Volume 2 (1666-2006): 50 EURO
Volume 3 (1666-2007): 80 EURO
Shipping and handling: 25 EURO

Online version
Volume 4 (1666-2008) (included in Vol. 5)
Volume 5 (1666-2009): 100 EURO

To order mail to support 'at'